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Xtreme Cooler, a brand owned by Xtreme Gaming Pvt Limited is a New Delhi based company established in 2008. Xtreme Coolers are basically modern & next generation evaporative air cooler. We have filled the vacuum in the market for good quality & hassle-free evaporative air coolers in India sold as a fit it & forget it solution. Xtreme Cooler are fully automatic units with multiple scope of automation & uses highest quality components & parts resulting in a life expectancy of 25 years with least maintenance fuzz  and default warranty of 3 years on the entire range of products.

Xtreme Cooler specializes in designing and installing evaporative air cooling systems to cool the industrial & commercial buildings.

Xtreme Cooler is military grade ductable industrial & commercial high performance evaporative air cooling systems. The delivered air is cool & 100% fresh, at much lower cost than refrigerated cooling methods or traditional Air Washers. Evaporative cooling is fast becoming the only viable option for cooling large sheds & factories or at places where extreme heat/fumes/chemical/smell is generating. Xtreme Cooler would create positive pressure with pleasant inside building temperature, thus resulting in high productivity & better working conditions for workers.

We regularly attend trade shows & exhibitions.

Xtreme Cooler Aahar

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Xtreme Cooler India Warehousing Show IWS

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