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How Does it Works ?

Xtreme Cooler provides high performance cooling & ventilation with its advance system design. In a typical application both cooling & ventilation units are used, it reduces the outside supply air temperature, and circulates fresh, cooled air to the workplace through ducts & diffusers while exhausting the muggy and hot inside air.

Basic Principal

  • Cool air is continuously produced and sent in
  • Hot stale & contaminated air is continuously pushed or exhausted out
  • Continuous air change is maintained

An industrial shed/shop floor is hot because of the heat rediated from the roof and walls and is hotter if there is heat generated from the work process. If sufficient amount of outside air is cooled and sent in and at the same time exhausted out by the natural way (open windows & doors) or by mechanical means (exhaust fan), the workspace is bound to be cool. All the heat in the workspace is carried along with the air exhausting out.


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