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Why Evaporative ? How does it works? How does it cools? Supply air temp. Chart Cooling effect Humidity myth & facts Psychometric chart Comparison Installation illustration Air change Principle FAQ

Illustration of Installation

Space Cooling

Space cooling provides cooling to the entire workspace for overall space heat reduction and where the workers are not fixed in their locations.  Where certain areas require cooling concentration, spot cooling can be added making the concept space-spot cooling. Key points -

  • Focus on all-round heat reduced environment basically creation of Comfort Cooling zone
  • Space pressurization is desired to prevent dust entry : Positive pressure
  • Location of workers are not fixed

Spot Cooling

Spot cooling cools only where it is really needed. It is done at places where it is practically impossible to do Space Cooling because of budgetary or technical issues. Key points -

  • Location of workers are generally fixed
  • workspace volume is very large
  • Focus is on maximum comforts for workers

Down Discharge - Roof Installation

Down Discharge - Wall/Window Installation

Top Discharge

Exhaust Fan

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